Kidsgrove Wheelers

Hill Billy 50 Mile Sportive Sunday, 6th September 2015

This event will start at the Sandyford Community Fire Station - Marlborough Way, off Reginald Mitchell Way, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5NZ

08:30am start

  • This event is a 50 Mile Hilly Challenge Ride. Enjoy the day
  • Please make sure you consult your doctor before participation and that you are physically fit enough to ride a bicycle for 5+ Hours in a Hilly location
  • There is an over flow carpark, which is Churchill China Business Car Park. This car park will be open from 07.30am until late and is secure.
  • The riders will be set off in small groups at 08.30 am until 10.00am.
  • Groups of riders should be no more than 10 riders per group
  • Rules of the road must be obeyed at all times.
  • All riders must be aware of Junctions, concealed entrances, farm traffic, occasional rough road surface, sharp corners on declines and narrow roads.
  • ALL RIDERS MUST CARRY a form of identification showing their name, address and the contact details of a person to be advised in the event of an accident/Incident
  • We suggest riders carry food, drink, money, a mobile phone, spare inner tubes, a working pump, a basic tool kit and spare clothing sufficient to complete the ride being undertaken, taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.
  • Participants will be responsible for their own cycle which must be fully roadworthy.
  • You must sign on and sign off, this is essential. If you forget to sign on or off you must contact Andy on 07932 659 423
  • On arrival at the Sandyford Fire Stn all competiters will recieve a route card and emergency contact details/phone number ect before participation of event.
  • Facillities such as toilets, seating and refreshments will be available on site at 08.30 am and open until 6.00pm. After 6.00pm all facillities will be closed.
  • The Hill Billy is approx 50 miles and is mostly Hilly. It takes approx 5 to 6 hours at a steady pace to complete.
  • Entry fee for Hill Billy 50 mile Challenge ride are as follows:
  • Adults £10.00
  • Adults on the line Entry is £15.00
  • Children under 16 £5.00 and must fill in a parental consent form, send it to the address below or pay £5.00 online.
  • There will be directional signs on route
  • First Aid will be available on Site via Staff
  • Marshalls will be placed on possible hazardous junctions and will be mobile. Directional sign will be on route.
  • You can pay Online or if paying by cheque please make sure you enclose the correct amount of money, made payable to Kidsgrove Wheelers Cycling Club and send to:

Andrew Barratt (General Secretary)
22 Nursery Road,
Stoke On Trent,
Staffordshire, ST7 2TX

  • Contact Telephone Number is 07932659423



If you see the Supported by British Cycling button on an event, you can rest assured that it is insured and backed by the governing body of the sport in Great Britain.

For Participants

Events will have complied with the Technical Regulations of the relevant branch of the sport, including provision of liability insurance. Organisers will themselves be members of British Cycling and therefore have to comply with the organisation’s rules and regulations, including equity, equality, disciplinary guidelines and safeguarding children requirements.


Download a entry form for event hereWord doc

Download under 16 yrs Download Parental Consent formWord doc

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Hill Billy Backwards 50 Mile Challenge Ride

06/09/2015 - Staffordshire Moorlands - Sportive






Club Events

Kidsgrove Wheelers annual organised events


'35 mile Loop de Loop ride'

Every year the Kidsgrove Wheelers organise and run several different cycling events. In early March we have the '35 mile Loop de Loop ride' that takes the riders through the scenic lanes of Cheshire and back into Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. It takes about 2-3hrs at a leisurely pace, the route is well marked and there are refreshments at the finish.

Organiser Andy Barratt, Loop de Loop 35 mile ride


'Hill Billy 50 mile Challenge ride'

Venue: Sandtford Fire Station Marlborough Way, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 5NZ.

Rider Info: Staffordshire Moorlands

The route incorporates 'Gun Hill', part of the Tour of Britain, you will be grinding the crank arms up the Dumbers and the infamous Mow Cop Climb. Ever heard of Woodhouse Lane? A tough climb to the top of Biddulph Moor. The route has an overall climb of 5500ft with some beautiful views of the Staffordshire Moorlands. When you have clocked 29 miles you will have reached the fuelling point, where you can take aboard fuel bars, top your bottles up and even have a well deserved cuppa tea or coffee. At the end you will recieve a certificate and refreshments are at hand.

Organiser Andy Barratt, Hill Billy 50 mile Challenge ride


'Kidsgrove Wheelers Bike Week Open Day'

Venue: Sandtford Fire Station Marlborough Way, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 5NZ.

Fun, Fun, Fun

We celebrate bike week around the middle of Bike WeekJune.We have an open day once a year at our clubroom,Sandyford Community Fire Station. Usually we have help from Sustrans, British Cycling, the Fire service and Stoke City Council. We hold races for parents and children and award prizes for winners. There is a bicycle smoothie maker. You have to pedal hard to make a good tasting smoothie. British cycling Watt bikes that test your strength and cycling skills. Dr Bike will help you or your children to fix their bikes, wether it be a puncture or faulty brakes you will gain a good understanding of how it all works. Refreshments all day, a treasure hunt to Bathpool and Lots of freebies for the kids and adults. Test a bike or skateboard and loads more. At Kidsgrove Wheelers cycling club we believe that cycling should be Fun, Fun, Fun. Its a great way to meet people and socialise and it gives the kids chance to learn how to ride a bicycle safely whilst having Fun.

Organiser Andy Barratt

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Turbo nights

Want to get fit and have fun.



The Kidsgrove-Wheelers organise a Turbo night once a week, in the winter months, it cost’s just £ 1.00 to participate for members and £ 2.00. Basically you bring along your very own bicycle and a Turbo Trainer, attach the rear wheel into the Turbo Trainer and you can start to train. There maybe spare Turbo Trainers on the night. 

For the people who don’t know anything about Turbo Training, this doesn’t stop you from joining in. All you need is the Turbo Trainer as pictured above and the bicycle.

You can sit and train on the bicycle for as long or short time as you so wish.  You will be training to Spinerval DVD’s whilst watching a large screen HDTV. The room is air conditioned for when everyone starts to sweat and the room becomes warm.  After the training session there will be refreshments for all. 

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What do I get from Turbo Training?” – Answer: Social aspect, loads of people, loads of  Fun
  2. Why do I pay a Pound?” – You pay a pound and it goes to investing into the future of the cycling club, without this money we as a club cannot survive.
  3. Will I loose weight?” – I can’t guarantee you will loose weight, But your sure to get fitter as you progress each weekly session
  4. I haven’t got a Turbo Trainer, could I borrow one for the night?” – It maybe possible to borrow one on the night but not guaranteed.
  5.  “Are the refreshments Free?” – No the refreshments must be paid for, however the prices are very cheap and the café is open for the full 2 hours
  6. How many people can you fit in the room?” At a guess I would say 15 to 20 people
  7. "Do I need a towel and a change of clothes?" You definently need a towel, it stops the sweat from getting on your bike and on the floor, hence stops you and others from slipping over. "You will sweat, alot!" A change of clothes is optional, but maybe a spare T-shirt would be a good idea.
  8. Caution - Please be cautious when walking around the riders when they are cycling fast on their Turbo trainers, for obvious reasons. Firstly - The rear wheel spins very fast, any contact via head, hands ect could cause serious injury to the spectater, so please be aware of your distance between yourself and the Turbo trainer/cyclist's.
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Club runs

Kidsgrove Wheelers Club Runs.

Club Runs

The Club has several different club rides for all members and potential members. The Sunday is a leisure ride that meets up at the Redbull Traffic Lights just outside of Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. The meeting point is at the bus shelter at 09.30am. The ride distance is approximately 40 miles with a café stop.  There arrival back to Kidsgrove is approximately 13.00hrs.  In the winter there is a faster cycle ride that takes place at the same place but meeting time is 08.45am and distance is approx 60 to 70 miles.
The Monday is a social ride that is usually organised by a member of our club. All the Monday cycle rides are printed on a leaflet throughout the year and distributed to members in the Club; they are also placed on the Kidsgrove Wheelers website. The Monday cycle ride can be a full day cycling or half a day cycling and are very well planned out.  The cyclist will enjoy some lovely views and great café stops along the way.

The Thursday cycle rides are towards the local Congleton Garden Centre and mileage is approx 30 miles with a café stop.  You can go the easy route along the main Kidsgrove to Congleton stretch or take the more difficult route towards Mow Cop; it’s really up to you.

If any members wish to organise their own rides you can contact most members from our club by following this Link Goto Contacts button along the top navigation bar.
You will need a Username and a Password, this you will receive from your membership secretary and will be on the back of your individual I.D membership cards every year.  Please keep your username and password safe at all times.

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"Hello, my name is Andy, I am the website designer/developer for Kidsgrove Wheelers Cycling Club. My role is to update and amend the website as often as I can. Another role of mine, when I'm not buy riding my bicycle is to organise fun and competative events for our lovely members. If you are thinking of joining our club why not come down to our club room at Sandyford Fire Station, Marlborough Way, off Reginald Mitchell Way, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5NZ and have a look around, a chat and a cuppa.
The club meetings are always held here on the last Friday of the month at 7.00pm until 9.00pm. Turbo Training nights are held on a Tuesday night at 7.00pm until 9.00pm at the same place, so come along. Wether you decide to have a chat, a cuppa or ride a bike its really upto you!"

Andy Barratt, General Secretary