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Kidsgrove Wheelers

Club Constitution

Kidsgrove Wheelers Cycling Club


Effective from: Dec 20th 2007

Signed by Chairman: John Barry Wilkinson

Signature: J.B.Wilkinson

1.0. NAME

1.1. The club will be called Kidsgrove Wheelers Cycling Club, herein referred to as either KWCC or the Club.

1.2. The club will be affiliated to the British Cycling Federation, CTT, MDTTA and M&DLTTA other bodies at the discretion of the Annual General Meeting.

2.0. AIMS


A – To offer coaching and competitive/non-competitive opportunities in Cycling.

B – To provide facilities for and promote community participation in the sport of cycling.

C – To manage the Club Facilities.

D – To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club.

E – To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.

F – To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment.


3.1. A Constitution will be maintained by the Club’s Committee and all members are bound by the Constitution as a Prerequisite of membership of the Club.

3.2. The Constitution will only be altered by resolution passed by a two thirds majority of all Members attending a General Meeting.

3.3. Notice of any proposed amendments shall be given to the General Secretary in writing not less than twenty-one Days before the relevant General Meeting. E-mail may be used to constitute writing.

3.4. A copy of the Constitution will be available to all Members on request.


4.1. Anyone interested in cycling may apply to join the Club. All members shall have 3rd party liability insurance such as that provided by British cycling or The Cyclists Touring Club. Applications for membership will be made to the Membership Secretary on a form consistent with a model approved by the Committee and shall be accompanied by the appropriate subscription. At the earliest practicable opportunity the Membership Secretary will present the application before the Committee for consideration. Approval will not be withheld on the grounds of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other belief or lifestyle choice. However, the non-discriminatory limitation of membership by the Committee shall be allowable where necessitated by the availability of facilities or organisational capacity. Furthermore, the Committee may decline an application on the grounds of previous disreputable or antisocial personal conduct liable to tarnish the Club's good name by association.

Persons under the age of sixteen years shall only be accepted to membership with the completion of a consent and disclaimer form signed by their Parent or Guardian, and at the discretion of the Committee. Membership shall ordinarily be effective from the date of application and payment once approved by the Committee. In the unlikely event that an application for membership is declined by the Committee, the applicant will receive a full refund of any fees paid.

4.2. In order to promote and facilitate participation in cycling, the Club may define various classes of membership and may differentiate its subscriptions accordingly. No such definition or amendment shall discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other belief or lifestyle choice, except insofar as discrimination may be a non-prejudicial administrative necessity or to the advantage of an otherwise disadvantaged group. Membership categories will be:

KW 2007

4.2.1. Individual Member.

4.2.2 Family Member.

4.2.3 Honorary Life Member.

4.3. Subscriptions will be:

4.3.1. Individual Member. £15.00 for Senior (16 or over on 1st January) £5.00 for Junior/youth (under 16 on 1st January) Associate member (£5.00)

4.3.2 Family Member £30.00 (maximum of 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16)

4.3.3 Honorary Life Member £0.00 (No fee in recognition of outstanding service)

4.4. A person applying for Individual Membership who has previously ridden under the name of another club in any cycling related event and wishes to ride and be registered in the name of KWCC at any future cycling related event, must produce suitable evidence to the effect they will no longer ride under the name of their previous club and have no outstanding debts or commitments to the said previous club.

4.5. Family Membership shall comprise one Member, their partner where appropriate, and up to 3 children less than 16 years resident at the same address. Family Members shall be deemed to be Individual Members and will have all rights associated with Individual Members.

4.6. The Club may award Honorary Life Membership to any Member for outstanding service to the Club including ten years serving on the Club’s Committee. Nominations for Honorary Life Membership will be made in writing to the General Secretary a minimum of fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting and must have one proposer and two seconders per nominee. The reasons for Honorary Life Membership nomination must be stated. Should more KW 2007 than one nomination be received a simple ballot will be held and the candidate receiving the most votes will be elected. In the event of a tie the ballot will be re-taken. Only one Club Member per year may be elected to Honorary Life Membership. All Honorary Life Members will be treated as Individual Members and will have all rights associated with Individual Members.

4.7. Any member may also be a member of other clubs and organisations subject to satisfying all necessary requirements of other clubs and organisations. Members declaring Second Claim membership will not be eligible for Club Championships or to hold office.

4.8 Any member wishing to become an official committee member must serve 24 months as a full member before he/she can be elected into the role.  He/she must show commitment and dedication, understanding of the club and serve a neutral role within the position as an official.  First and foremost the welfare of the members being priority at all times .


5.1. The Club may vary subscriptions according to membership category. The initial definition of, or any subsequent amendment to, a category of membership or the associated subscription shall require approval by a General Meeting of Members. No such definition or amendment shall discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other belief or lifestyle choice, except insofar as discrimination may be a non-prejudicial administrative necessity or to the advantage of an otherwise disadvantaged group.

5.2. The annual subscription becomes due on 1st January each year and overdue on 28th February in the same year.

Members whose subscriptions become overdue shall cease to be a Member and will not be eligible to take part in any of the Club's activities.A surcharge will be added to membership if deemed a late/overdue payment.

5.3. New members shall pay their subscriptions on application, but those applying for membership after 1st July each year shall pay only half the appropriate subscription for that year.

5.4. New members applying after 31st October each year shall pay the appropriate full subscription, which shall hold good for the following year also.


6.1. The Club shall be managed by a Committee comprising Individual Members to fill the following posts:

6.1.1. Chairman.

6.1.2. Treasurer.

6.1.3. General Secretary.

6.1.4. Membership Secretary.

6.1.5. Racing Secretary.

6.1.6. Press Secretary.

6.1.7. Web Site Coordinator.

6.1.8. Welfare Officer.

6.1.9. Ex-officio Member

6.1.10. Auditor

6.1.11. Club Kit secretary

6.2. The Committee will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting by a two-thirds majority of all Members attending the Meeting. Each nominee must have a proposer and seconder with either the proposer or seconder giving reasons as to why the nominee should be elected to the Committee. Should a post become available on the

Committee between Annual General Meetings, a Member may be elected to fill the post at an Extraordinary General Meeting called by the Committee.

6.3. The Committee will propose the number of Ex-officio Member to a General Meeting before seeking agreement from the Members on nominees.

6.4. The Committee shall have powers for regulating the conduct and affairs of the Club, including all Members, providing that these powers are consistent with the Club Constitution.

6.5. The Committee will meet a minimum of 4 times per year this includes an A.G.M and will require six Committee Members to form a quorum at a Committee Meeting. In the absence of the Chairman, a Chairman will be appointed but only for administrative purposes.

6.6. Notice of all Club Committee Meetings will be sent to the Committee Members by the General Secretary at least six days prior to the meeting. Any Committee Member who fails to attend at least one meeting without tendering good reason will be deemed to have resigned from post.

6.7. At all Meetings a simple majority shall decide the issue of all matters in debate, except alterations to Club Constitution which will require a two-thirds majority of all Members attending a General Meeting.

6.8. Other Club members, representatives of other organisations or delegates may attend as and when required by invitation of the Committee.

6.8. Any Club Member may address the Committee by giving a minimum of seven days’ notice to the General Secretary.

KW 2007


7.1. The duties of the Committee shall be:

7.1.1. Transact all dealings of the Club, and account for such at General Meetings.

7.1.2. Make and interpret Club Constitution.

7.1.3. Monitor the Club's income and expenditure.

7.1.4. Consider and approve applications for membership.

7.1.5. Oversee the arrangements for nominated Club rides.

7.1.6. Support social and other activities as required.

7.1.7. Arrange Club competitions and agree the number and value of prizes.

7.1.8. Agree the allocation, engraving and custody of trophies.

7.2. In all the above duties, the decision of the Committee shall be final, unless the matter in dispute be referred to either the Annual General Meeting or to a General Meeting called for that purpose in accordance with paragraph 9.0 of this Constitution.

KW 2007

Discipline and appeals

A – All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

B – The complaint will be heard at the next open monthly meeting. The open monthly meeting has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including the termination of membership. If a solution is not found then the Chair will have the final say.

C – The outcome of a disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within 7 days of the hearing.

D – There will be the right of appeal to the open monthly meeting following disciplinary action being announced. The appellant must notify the secretary in writing within 21 days of notification of the outcome of the disciplinary hearing.

E – The appeal will be held at the open monthly meeting following receipt of notice of appeal.

F - If an individual/individuals behaviour is causing issues/upset or has cause for concern regarding misconduct/Gross misconduct the board chair or committee head will take immediate action appropriate to the matter.  I.E ask member to leave or email/writing and asked to leave immediately.  The Chair has the final say.


8.1. The Club’s financial year will be from 1st January to 31st December. The Club's audited accounts and balance sheet will be presented in the following year to the Committee and for acceptance by Members at a General Meeting. The acceptance of the accounts and balance sheet will require a vote in favour by a minimum of two thirds of those

Members present at the General Meeting.

8.2. Documents supporting the accounts such as invoices, receipt stubs, cheque stubs and bank statements, shall be retained for three years and longer if required. Calculations supporting the accounts shall be retained for six years.

The cash book, income and expenditure account, and balance sheet shall be retained as part of the Club archives.

8.3. All Club Members responsible for funds during the promotion or arrangement of Club events and functions shall account for all monies to the Treasurer as soon as possible.


9.1. General Meetings may be called by the Committee or upon receipt by the General Secretary of a written or e-mail request by twenty or more Club Members.

9.2. Twenty one day’s notice by e-mail or in writing will be given to all Members for any General Meeting. Items for inclusion on the Agenda of any General Meeting shall reach the General Secretary not less than fourteen days before such Meeting. A copy of the Agenda, giving notice of a General Meeting, shall be circulated by the General

Secretary to all Members at least seven clear days before the date of such Meeting.

9.3. An Annual General Meeting will be called by the Committee and held between 1st January and 30th April to receive reports and statements of accounts for the previous year, to elect the Committee and to elect an Honorary Auditor to audit the Club's accounts and balance sheet.

9.4. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by the General Secretary at the instruction of the Committee, or when requested to do so, in writing or e-mail, by twenty or more Members. Such Meetings shall be called not later than thirty days after receipt of a request that satisfies the requirements of the Constitution.

9.5. At all General Meetings, a minimum of twenty five percent of the Club Membership eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum.

9.6. In the absence of a Chairman, a Chairman will be appointed but only for the administrative purposes of the General Meeting.


10.1. The Club's colours and clothing will be to a pattern as agreed from time to time by a General Meeting. While the Committee may make recommendation to a General Meeting on the colours and clothing, the decision to adopt a recommendation will rest with membership and will be decided by a two-thirds majority of all Members attending a General Meeting. The name Kidsgrove Wheelers will always stay the same and will never alter.


11.1. Dissolution of the Club can only be taken following a two-thirds majority of all Members attending a General Meeting.

11.2. In the event of such dissolution, and after the discharge of all debts and other liabilities, any assets remaining will not be paid or distributed amongst the members, but will be given, or transferred, to some other voluntary or not for- profit organisation having objectives similar to the Club. The benefactor, or benefactors, will be decided by a two-thirds majority of all Members attending a General Meeting.


12.1. Nominations for Club Member of the Year may be made in writing to the General Secretary before the Annual General Meeting or may be taken from the body of the Meeting. Should more than one nomination be received or made, a secret ballot will be held and the candidate receiving most votes will be elected Club Member of the Year.


13.1. Any matter not provided for in this Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee. Any Member who is not content with the decision of the Committee may raise the matter at a General Meeting after which it will become binding.


14.1. The Club and all the Membership will adhere to an Equality Policy and Code of Conduct. The Equality Policy and

Code of Conduct is at Annex A of the Constitution.

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